House rules

House rules of Bed & Breakfast ‘De Willemshoeve’

Feel welcome, be our guest! This house rules we drew up to make your stay at De Willemshoeve as comfortable as possible for you and others.

Take good care of yourselves and others. Smoking is not allowed inside the whole accommodation, neither are candles. Outside it is allowed provided that others don’t mind and the safety is guaranteed. Drugs are forbidden.

Enjoy (the joy of rural life), but drink with a limit.

Behave like being at home and treat all materials, which you can use, like that.

In the evening as from 7 p.m. and in the weekend unlimited, you can use all facilities in loungeroom ‘The old Chimney’, except the kitchen.

Pets are not allowed, both inside and outside, with the exception of servicedogs. They are welcome.

Of course we like it when you are dressed well-groomed. How-ever it is not allowed to do a hand laundry and dry it on the design heater in the bathroom and/or the heater in the room and/or wherever else.

On arrival every guest becomes 2 keys: 1 of the door of the room and 1 of the entrance. ± 10 P.M. we lock the doors. When you use the loungeroom after that time, please feel responsible for locking the door and putting out the lights.

Consider with all other guests in all respects.

Hospitality is our trademark. If you want to welcome your own guests, please let us know.

We wish you a carefree stay at ‘De Willemshoeve’. We are not responsible for loss, accident, personal injuries, medical costs or damage at properties caused by disattention or circumstances beyond our reach.

Your room will be cleaned daily, mostly when you are having breakfast. We cannot make your bed, when there are valuables on it. Because of the combination with our carefarm the time of cleaning can diversify, but at the latest at 6 P.M.

If you need us or you have any question, please ring the bell or call +31 (317) 762 701

Grintweg 295, NL-6704 AR Wageningen