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About Bed and Breakfast De Willemshoeve

We, Wout and Nanny van Deelen, live at “De Willemshoeve” since 1985. We have always realised we have the privilege to live at such a beautiful place. However, from the moment we began to share this joy with our guests, this location has become more precious to us.

Wout and Nanny both have a caring and hospitable character. Wout is social worker and the manager of the farm as well. He is responsible for the organization and the leading one over our guests and volunteers, that are joint to our farm.

Nanny is working as oncology nurse at the Radboud university hospital Nijmegen. Beside her job, she is involved with policy at the farm. We manage the Bed & Breakfast together, so you will meet one of us when you arrive or at breakfast.

From the time we manage our Bed & Breakfast, we see our location through the eyes of our guests and are realising more how beautiful the environment is in which we are living and working!

Grintweg 295, NL-6704 AR Wageningen