General conditions

General conditions for an overnight stay in Bed and Breakfast ‘De Willemshoeve’

  1. These conditions apply to an overnight stay for guests at Bed and Breakfast ‘De Willemshoeve’, Grintweg 295, 6704 AR Wageningen and/or a location, as agreed within an outbuilding, referred to as De Willemshoeve.
  2. Prices include VAT taxes. The guest has to pay city tax.
  3. Check-in after 3 p.m. and departure before 11 a.m. is normal. Exceptions for an earlier check-in can just be made by special request. A later check-out is not possible. About the breakfast time, we make en appointment daily. From Monday till Friday it is not possible to have breakfast after 9.30 a.m., because of the activities of the day care. If necessary we search for a suitable solution. From Monday till Friday we serve the breakfast as from 7.30 a.m. and in the weekend as from 8.30 a.m.
  4. The guest must provide name, address, city, country, date and place of birth, email address, telephone number and nationality verifiable by passport, identity card or driver’s license. De Willemshoeve respects privacy rights and does not provide these details to third parties.
  5. Payment is in cash or ATM on arrival or departure. We charge a booking fee.
  6. We do all our best to let you stay in the room you prefer, but cannot guarantee this.
  7. Cancellation policy:
    • From booking date: 25%
    • 1 week before arrival: 50%
    • 1 day before arrival: 100%
    We advise to effect a cancellation insurance!
  8. If the guest leaves De Willemshoeve earlier than agreed in the booking, then De Willemshoeve is not obliged to refund the charges for unused nights.
  9. If De Willemshoeve does not meet the expectations of the guest, the two parties may attempt a verbal agreement for proper resolution.
  10. De Willemshoeve is not obliged to perform any obligation for the guest, if due to a circumstance in which De Willemshoeve has no reasonable control.
  11. De Willemshoeve is not liable for loss of property or damage caused by third parties to the property of the guest.
  12. If the guest causes damage to the property of De Willemshoeve, this must be paid before departure. The guest is responsible for making any claims with his or her insurance company. De Willemshoeve will provide all necessary documents or information the insurance company may require.
Grintweg 295, NL-6704 AR Wageningen