Measures related with COVID-19

Your and our safety is the most important issue, so we do everything which is necessary to avoid or spread COVID-19. We follow the guidelines of the RIVM.

This means that:

  • Social distancing is important for you and us
  • We don’t shake hands
  • There is enough space between the tables in ‘the old chimney’
  • We disinfect objects like tables and chairs frequently
  • The housekeeping will just enter your room while you are not there
  • You find hand alcohol everywhere
  • We stay at home in case of health complaints and expect our guests doing the same
  • Preferably payment by card.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone call on (+)31 (0)317 762 701 or email

Grintweg 295, NL-6704 AR Wageningen