About us

History and our motivation

We, Wout and Nanny van Deelen, live at “De Willemshoeve” since 1985. We have always realised we have the privilege to live at such a beautiful place. However, from the moment we began to share this joy with our guests, this location has become more precious to us.

The first years…

For many years, we had the idea to start a farm for seniors. On september 1, 2006, we could celebrate the realization of it. Due to some rebuildings, we left space we want to share with older fellows. We welcome guests with different problems to give them meaningful daily activities and to experience the joy of country life. We also relieve, by offering this feature, the informal care provider. Farm “De Willemshoeve” has a guarantee of quality.

The farmhouse and the yard

Because of the beautiful environment, guests will find inspiration to do different activities. Around the farm you can see cows, goats, sheep and horses, as well as birds, rabbits and a dove. The orchard is full of tall fruit trees. At the orchard walk hens and their chicks. If you like, you can work in the herb garden, barnyard and the pastures. Since March 2007 the farm has its own greenhouse. In the greenhouse crops can be grown and people can also enjoy the early spring sunshine. The Activities around our farm are different. Our guests can decide by their own what they want to do during the stay.

Bed and Breakfast “De Willemshoeve”

The realization of our Bed and Breakfast finally succeeded. We are able to join other people in enjoying our beautiful location, that was opened on october 28, 2011. Mies Bouwman did this (re)opening ceremony. For an impression, watch the movie beside.

Respite care

At Bed and Breakfast “De Willemshoeve”, … and their needy neigbour are very welcome. This group of people deserves special attention, because it is not possible for them to go on holiday. They can make use of our facilities and their needy spouse / husband can join day support at the farm, so that (in most cases) the spouse can enjoy the nice environment.

It is possible to contact different home care services.


Wout and Nanny both have a caring and hospitable character. Wout is social worker and the manager of the farm as well. He is responsible for the organization and the leading one over our guests and volunteers, that are joint to our farm.

Nanny is working as oncology nurse at the Radboud university hospital Nijmegen. Beside her job, she is involved with policy at the farm. We manage the Bed & Breakfast together, so you will meet one of us when you arrive or at breakfast.

Together, we have three children: one son and two daughters. Our youngest daughter still lives in our home. Our oldest children are married and both marriages are blessed with children. It is possible to meet our grandchildren at breakfast, or when they are playing outside.

From the time we manage our Bed & Breakfast, we see our location through the eyes of our guests and are realising more how beautiful the environment is in which we are living and working!