The little Bakehouse

2 person suite (extra bed possible) – Honeymoon arrangement possible

The little bakehouse is the oldest part of Bed and Breakfast “De Willemshoeve” and dates, just like the farm, about 1750. Formerly the little bakehouse was used, just like the name says, to bake bread and as a summer retreat. It was nice and cool, because of the location in the lee of the farm and furniture of the house was worn out more slowly.

Until 2008 the little bakehouse was dilapidated and was used as a storage place. By restoring the bakehouse, while retaining authentic elements, and giving it a new destination, it is preserved for the future.

In our little bakehouse you will find a modern box-spring. Furthermore there is a cozy seating area, tv, a fridge and watercooker. The little bakery has a modern bathroom with a shower, bathroom furniture and a toilet. You will also enjoy the garden with furniture.

The colors red and yellow are central in our little bakehouse. These colors are deliberately chosen. Red symbolizes the red beech hedges, which demarcate the yard and farm. The color yellow symbolizes the joy of country life, in which you can participate during your stay in our Bed and Breakfast. Yellow also symbolizes the power and wisdom of life. Something you can trace back in the history of our farm.

The little bakehouse has its own private terrace. Also there are several common terraces, so you can always find a place to sit and relax, have breakfast outside and enjoy the joy of country life.