Welcome at Bed and Breakfast “De Willemshoeve”

COVID-19: private entrance in all rooms. Corona-proof breakfast. Social-distancing is no problem.
Bed and Breakfast “de Willemshoeve” is located in the idyllic surroundings on the edge of national park “De Veluwe”, between Wageningen and Bennekom. Our bed and breakfast is located in an authentic farm which is typical for the “De Veluwe”. Our Bed and Breakfast is within walking distance of the University of Wageningen.

The joy of country life, an experience you won’t forget!

The Little Bakehouse

The little bakehouse is the oldest part of Bed and Breakfast “De Willemshoeve” and dates, just like the farm, about 1750.


The Upper room

The room has a specific style with blue accents, referring to the rivers in the area nearby, the Rhine, the “Waal” and the “Maas”.


The ‘Hilde’

The hilde is one of the rooms, which is located in the former pig barn. In the room you will find a luxe boxspring, a TV and free wifi.


Experience Wageningen

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